Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2

today's reading: Matthew 22: 1-33

Wedding Cake~

I just LOVE wedding cake! 
There is something so joyful and perfect about the almond flavored delight, covered in flowers and dripping with rich buttercream frosting.  
On days when I am feeling a little bit down, I have been known to go to a bakery and purchase a small white flowery wedding cake to share with my office pals. 
Ordinary days, sad days, happy and bright days all are made better by the consuming of wedding I just can't imagine being invited to partake of a beautiful wedding day-complete with cake, and not attending!!!! 
The Lord would ask: 
Am I too busy when He calls me? Will I stop and take time just to be with the Word or in prayer?
Do I possess the sparkling bright wedding clothes of a believer, washed in the precious cleansing blood of Christ; knowing that all of my mind, soul and body  belong to Him?
I want to show up at the banquet He calls me to, 
dressed to receive the feast He has spread before me 
ready to partake of every precious morsel He offers me..........

Much sweeter than wedding is sustinance, water to a thirsty soul, manna from the hand of God..........

Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1

today's reading: Matthew 21: 23-46

Taking Care of Business

As believers we have definite guidelines to follow in any life or work situation, don't we?

Whether  in a work environment , in my family, community, or in my neighborhood, I need to ask myself, "what does God expect of me?"

If people are being mistreated or overlooked, what is my responsibility toward them? 

When others undermine the authority of those who are in charge of a department I work in, how will I respond? Will I follow join in or will I take a stand for right? Or maybe just quietly continue to do the right thing? 

In following Christ Jesus, am I growing and producing fruit?
Am I reaching out to those who don't know Him; telling them the wonderful work He has done in my life? 
Am I reaching out to disciple a new believer, to encourage and help him find the tools to live a victorious Christian life?

I want to decide today that THIS YEAR I will lead someone who is lost to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.



Thursday, January 31, 2013




Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30
today's reading: Matthew 20:1-28

Job Opening
Full-time position
must be on call 24/7 
365 days per year
must die to self
must have good hearing
strong knees are essential
must supply own armor which shall include, sword, shield, foot covering, breastplate, helmet, belt. 
Must live for the Lord 
to the last breath.
Please apply in person. 

Any takers? 
Working a 40 hour week to supply our retirement fund, put in our fair share at church and in the community just won't cut it in the servant world. 
Please consider applying for the above position in order  to reap the rewards of a rich and satisfying life!  


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29

today's reading: Matthew 19: 13-30


I've been thinking lately about the vast difference between child-like and child-ish.
Don't those two terms set up an immediate picture in your mind/
The Lord Jesus tells us how important it is to be like a child, in other words child-like.

Many times, we are warned against the selfish behavior that could be described as child-ish.

Like a child~ come to Jesus.
Like a child~ obey the commandments without trying to analyze them.
Like a child~ don't be so caught up in your possessions. Hold onto them loosely because Jesus alone should be the true desire of your heart~ over anything this world has to offer.
Like a child~ trust Jesus....
           and let it all go................
Be child-like, not child-ish. 


Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28

today's reading: Matthew 18: 23 - 19:12

Receive Mercy = Give Mercy

How harsh we can be towards others who fail us!
Do you keep a mental list of those who have let you down in some way? 
I know that I have kept people on my "list" for years because of some slight or personal injustice.
And yet, when I do wrong, I long to be forgiven...
                and hope the matter will be forgotten..... as quickly as possible! 

There is such a need for more mercy and forgiveness in our daily lives! 

We have access to that all-sufficient supply of mercy and forgiveness only by getting closer to God.
He is the author of mercy and is the only one who can teach us how to forgive. 

Learn from Him!  

Take a look at that "list" you have kept, showing who has let you down, when, where and how.

As you review the list, pray over each hurt, asking God to help you release the pain, disgust, fear, or anger that keeps the list alive.

As you pray, the Lord Himself will minister to your need in each situation.

As you learn from Him and receive His word regarding each situation, He will absolutely give you the strength you need to write FORGIVEN! across every line of your "list"!







Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 27
today's reading: Matthew 18:10-22


Oh, Father, how much more determined we would be to reach those who don't know you, if we could just understand how important each ONE is to You! 

If the shepherd who oversees a flock of sheep is unwilling to lose even one, why are we not able to see that You are most unwilling to lose even one person

My heart cry to each one of you reading these words right now is that you would become most unwilling to stand by and let one person remain in darkness. 

As we live out our lives in view of the Father who sees everything we do and knows our every thought, let's get serious about ministering to those lost ones who don't know Jesus as their Lord! 

Let's get serious about forgiveness! Don't let anything stand between you and another person, as much as it is up to you. You are called to reach out to them!

Let's get serious about claiming the POWER  that the Lord makes available to us!

Let's get serious about doing His work, His way.