Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1

today's reading: Matthew 21: 23-46

Taking Care of Business

As believers we have definite guidelines to follow in any life or work situation, don't we?

Whether  in a work environment , in my family, community, or in my neighborhood, I need to ask myself, "what does God expect of me?"

If people are being mistreated or overlooked, what is my responsibility toward them? 

When others undermine the authority of those who are in charge of a department I work in, how will I respond? Will I follow join in or will I take a stand for right? Or maybe just quietly continue to do the right thing? 

In following Christ Jesus, am I growing and producing fruit?
Am I reaching out to those who don't know Him; telling them the wonderful work He has done in my life? 
Am I reaching out to disciple a new believer, to encourage and help him find the tools to live a victorious Christian life?

I want to decide today that THIS YEAR I will lead someone who is lost to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.



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