Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2

today's reading: Matthew 22: 1-33

Wedding Cake~

I just LOVE wedding cake! 
There is something so joyful and perfect about the almond flavored delight, covered in flowers and dripping with rich buttercream frosting.  
On days when I am feeling a little bit down, I have been known to go to a bakery and purchase a small white flowery wedding cake to share with my office pals. 
Ordinary days, sad days, happy and bright days all are made better by the consuming of wedding I just can't imagine being invited to partake of a beautiful wedding day-complete with cake, and not attending!!!! 
The Lord would ask: 
Am I too busy when He calls me? Will I stop and take time just to be with the Word or in prayer?
Do I possess the sparkling bright wedding clothes of a believer, washed in the precious cleansing blood of Christ; knowing that all of my mind, soul and body  belong to Him?
I want to show up at the banquet He calls me to, 
dressed to receive the feast He has spread before me 
ready to partake of every precious morsel He offers me..........

Much sweeter than wedding is sustinance, water to a thirsty soul, manna from the hand of God..........

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