Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 23

today's reading: Mark 6: 30-56


Jesus' ministry and that of his disciples is really taking off in these passages.
The disciples have just returned from their first missionary journey, spilling over with the testimonies of all they had done and taught. Their hearts must have been bursting to share with their teacher, the stories of healing and deliverance!
Can you just see them, grinning from ear to ear, all talking at once, their voices animated and joyfilled,  as they shared their experiences with one another?

The Lord tried to find a quiet place to rest and listen to all that had taken place, but their fame had spread rapidly to all in the region; so that wherever Jesus and the disciples went, people came in droves bringing their sick relatives and friends for that precious healing touch.

As believers today in 2013, we must do all we can to bring our relatives and friends to Christ. People all around us, droves of them,  still need that precious healing touch!

With everything we do, let's be on a mission to spread Jesus's fame to everyone!


Friday, February 22, 2013

February 22

today's reading: Mark 6:1-29

Miracle Stopper

The Lord Jesus Christ, in his home town, was blocked from doing all the miracles that He wanted to do for them, because of their unbelief!

This says to me that UNBELIEF is a very powerful thing; powerful enough to refuse the miracle producing power of Christ Jesus!

Don't entertain unbelief in any form.
Use the weapons of the word of God and of prayer, when unbelief steps out of the shadows to attack you.

Speak scripture OUT LOUD to any unbelief that comes your way.
Pray asking God to help you in your unbelief, just like the centurion in another part of scripture did when he asked for healing for his family member.

Praise God for who He is to you. Praise is very powerful to ignite faith into action and is able to dispel doubt!

We don't ever want to allow unbelief to block the mighty works of the Lord Jesus Christ,  that He has planned for us!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21

today's reading: Mark 5:21-43

the Hem of His Garment

There is a lovely old song with this title ..........

If I could touch just the hem of His garment
then I know
I would be made whole.
If I could just touch the hem of His garment
I know I'd be made whole
If I could just press my way through this madness
His love would heal my soul

Making our way through this difficult earthy life,
we need that kind of faith!

The faith that says .... just a touch of the hem of His garment
just a touch of His holiness...
and I will be set free from my sickness,
released from my painful past,
set free from anxiety about my children,
free from worry over my finances
restored to emotional health
Just one touch of His garment.....
 of His holiness
 and I will be able to go on for another day....
because one touch of that Mighty power will keep me going....
One touch of the Hem of His garment.......
means I am reaching for Him ... stretching out my hands to Him so that
even if my grasping fingertips brush the edge of His Magnificent Holiness...
I will receive that healing power........
There will be no escape.
It will consume all my fears
There will be nothing but that POWER
washing over me and making me
whole and holy
like Him.



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 20

today's reading: Mark 4:26- 5:20

Show and Tell

As we read today's scripture notice the healing of the demon possessed man named "Legion".
What an extraordinary sight that must have been!

2000 pigs rushing down a steep bank into the lake as the farmers watched helplessly.

I am sure they were astounded, maybe really angry, but amazed at the healing of this poor demonized soul. The one that many had no doubt feared and steered clear of, was able to speak and act normally!

......but the pigs! What about those pigs?

The farmers and locals came out to investigate and air their opinions... and begged Jesus to leave them alone!

I don't wonder! They were surely afraid of what might happen next had Jesus stayed around any longer!

But there stands the FREE !!!! SO VERY FREE at long last, able to live a normal life!
Jesus command to him was to go to the people of the region.... show yourself to them as healed and delivered..... tell of this amazing thing that has happened to restore you to life!

Are you ready to share what God has done for you with everyone your family and friends?
You may never know the impact YOUR STORY has on them and on their friends and families.... but you can KNOW  that it will have an effect on them for good.

So Go! Show and Tell your story to everyone who will listen!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19

today's reading: Mark 4:1-25

Hearing Check 

The Lord asks us again and again to truly LISTEN to Him.
We know that His Word and all of His teaching is completely trustworthy.

When the Lord speaks to us in parables, we must pray for ears to hear... the ears of understanding.

The meaning of these parables are hidden behind the words, but they are not completely obscured.
With the ears of understanding....which we are given when we seek them from the Lord, we are able to see "into"  the words and into the truth of the teaching.

Pray for those hi-tech "ears to hear"
             finely tuned to the sound of the voice of our Lord Jesus Christ !



Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18

today's reading: Mark 3: 7-30

Family Ties

Speaking of "family" brings up a whole gamut of emotions for most people.

There are many kinds of families. Some are healthy in their function, and some are not so healthy.

But ideally, "family" should hold a warm place in our hearts.

Family, functioning properly,  is a place of enrichment, a place of refuge in times of trouble, a place of joy in times of blessing.

Family teaches us how to love, how to play, how to fight, how to forgive.

Family, at it's best, shows us unconditional acceptance, and nurtures us to become confident in our abilities.

So after the Lord Jesus is told that his mother and brothers are waiting outside to speak to him, it seems odd that He does not respond with joy.

What do you think this scripture is revealing about the family relationship He had with them? Or was He just using this as a "teachable moment" for His followers?

Christ shows us, by his reaction, how precious those are to Him who believe in Him as the Son of the Living God, who receive Him as Savior and Redeemer, and who submit to His authority over their lives.

He is not ashamed to call us His own.
In all of our failure, all of our inadequacy, all of our complaining and misery, He loves us unconditionally and with an everlasting love!

Don't you want to live forever in HIS FOREVER FAMILY?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 17

today's reading: Mark 2:13-36

The Sabbath

As followers of Christ Jesus, we consider it appropriate to  attend worship services on our Sabbath, either Saturday or Sunday, whichever is the custom for your denomination.

The keeping of the Sabbath has changed greatly over the past decade or two.
I still remember that many businesses were closed on Sundays when I was a child. Most gas stations, some restaurants, most clothing stores and other retail shops were NEVER open on Sunday.
That was before the "shopping mall" came into existence!

It is hard to even imagine that now, isn't it? These days, schools even hold sportsing events on Sundays. Most gas stations, restaurants, and retail stores in the shopping malls are open 7 days a week; Sunday's are no exception.

Jesus did not always keep the Sabbath as the religious leaders thought He should. And He was interrogated several times by the Jewish leaders who wanted to know why He would help people on the Sabbath.

In responding to their questions, Jesus seems to be saying that He, as the Son of God, determines the true meaning of the Sabbath,
and He determines how it is to be observed.  
He states, "it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath".
By emphasizing that the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath, ( Mark 2:27 ) Jesus reminds us that this day is a gift to us from God the Father.
Just as the Father rested on the seventh day of Creation, He has given this day, set aside for us to rest and restore our body, mind and spirit. 

 As you observe the Sabbath today
 take some time to consider it's importance.  
  • Determine to keep it well.
  • Plan to observe this day with an attitude of worship and refreshment.
  • Don't allow this special day to become a day full of mundane ritual or habit! 
What will you do today to rest and refresh yourself for the week ahead?