Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28

today's reading: Matthew 18: 23 - 19:12

Receive Mercy = Give Mercy

How harsh we can be towards others who fail us!
Do you keep a mental list of those who have let you down in some way? 
I know that I have kept people on my "list" for years because of some slight or personal injustice.
And yet, when I do wrong, I long to be forgiven...
                and hope the matter will be forgotten..... as quickly as possible! 

There is such a need for more mercy and forgiveness in our daily lives! 

We have access to that all-sufficient supply of mercy and forgiveness only by getting closer to God.
He is the author of mercy and is the only one who can teach us how to forgive. 

Learn from Him!  

Take a look at that "list" you have kept, showing who has let you down, when, where and how.

As you review the list, pray over each hurt, asking God to help you release the pain, disgust, fear, or anger that keeps the list alive.

As you pray, the Lord Himself will minister to your need in each situation.

As you learn from Him and receive His word regarding each situation, He will absolutely give you the strength you need to write FORGIVEN! across every line of your "list"!







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