Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 27
today's reading: Matthew 18:10-22


Oh, Father, how much more determined we would be to reach those who don't know you, if we could just understand how important each ONE is to You! 

If the shepherd who oversees a flock of sheep is unwilling to lose even one, why are we not able to see that You are most unwilling to lose even one person

My heart cry to each one of you reading these words right now is that you would become most unwilling to stand by and let one person remain in darkness. 

As we live out our lives in view of the Father who sees everything we do and knows our every thought, let's get serious about ministering to those lost ones who don't know Jesus as their Lord! 

Let's get serious about forgiveness! Don't let anything stand between you and another person, as much as it is up to you. You are called to reach out to them!

Let's get serious about claiming the POWER  that the Lord makes available to us!

Let's get serious about doing His work, His way.  

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