Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3

today's reading: Matthew 22:34 thru 23:37

The Seven Woes

Definition of WOE

1: a condition of deep suffering from misfortune, affliction, or grief
2: ruinous trouble : calamity, affliction woe
These passages are titled in my bible as "the Seven Woes"
It is hard to imagine hearing those words being spoken to ME
              and yet
                         aren't they?  
Could the "tenth of spices" (NIV) of 23:23 refer to the legalistic demands we place on one another in our churches?
Could the "cup and dish" (NIV) of 23:25 mean my 'heart and mind'? 
As you contemplate today's reading, jot down some notes about each "woe
                   and then brainstorm what each of them could mean in today's world .....
                                  what it could mean to you. 
Do you begin to see the truth revealed? 
You don't have to be plagued with a life filled with woe!
You are offered a purposeful life of victory!
Beginning today, lay down those woes, whether you find seven, ten or two that apply to you.
Lay them down and take up the joy of the Lord!    

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