Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21

today's reading: Matthew 13:47 through 14:12

Blind to His Presence

Am I blind to the miraculous that God puts before me? 

How many times have I experienced a near miss of some kind and failed to recognize the hand of God

  • How many car accidents have I been spared that could have altered my life forever, or even taken it?  
  • What natural disasters has the Lord diverted from my door
  • What financial ruin have I escaped 
  • When an illness has threatened, but healing and restoration has come, do I recognize that the Lord has intervened once again?

Help me to see You in every facet of life. 
Help me, Lord, to never overlook what may seem to be commonplace.  
When I remember that You have created all things, I can acknowledge that no human being is common. 
A bit of the miraculous is woven into each person! 
If we can just wrap our minds around that, how much differently we would live our lives! We could never scoff at or disregard, ignore or abandon, tear down or diminish. 

Let me become so familiar with You, that I recognize You everywhere!


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