Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22
 today's reading: Matthew 14: 13-36

Water Walking
Have you ever been asked to do something that seemed impossible to you?

Sometimes, all you can see are the negative things that are coming against you as you try to accomplish a difficult task. 

What can you do cut through the problems and get to the solution? 

When Peter asked the Lord to call him out of the boat and step onto ... not INTO... the treacherous water, he was keeping his eyes focused firmly on Jesus. 
And step out he did!  
For a little while, he actually walked on the water towards Jesus! 
What a sensation that must have been! 
And can you imagine the disciples hunkering down in the boat, afraid of the stormy sea, only to watch Peter do this amazing thing? 
Peter did alright for a few moments, but then he took his eyes off of the Lord long enough to notice the wind and waves. 
That was enough to sink him...

When we are hoping to follow Jesus, and asking Him to call us out of our boat, do we keep our eyes on Him, or do we let the waves of doubt and fear wash over us and cause us to sink? 

Jesus tells us to take courage! He tells us to not be afraid. 

So don't let those waves of doubt drown your faith! 

Keep your eyes on Jesus and step out of that boat! 

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