Friday, April 4, 2014

Steps To Becoming A Wise Man

Today’s Bible readings are Deuteronomy 26:1-27:26, Luke 10:38-11:13, Psalm 76:1-12, & Proverbs 12:15-17


Proverbs 12:15-17
15 Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others. 16 A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted. 17 An honest witness tells the truth; a false witness tells lies.

One thing that I love about the book of Proverbs is all the teaching that is given in order to help us become wiser. There are so many simple concepts that God sets forth to help us become people of wisdom. I thank God for these principals. They are what can truly change our lives.


Proverbs 4:7

Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.

I wanted to look at a few of the things that are mentioned in today’s reading.

1.      Wise people listen to others.

15 Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others.

This is one the greatest lessons I have learned in life. There have been several times when I was about to make a decision that could have been a costly err. As I talked to others I began to listen to their life experiences. As I listened, I also began to hear about mistakes that they made & also about successes they had experienced. As I shared my situation with them, they shared their thoughts with me. God used those moments to get wisdom to me so that I could make the best possible decision.


Proverbs 15:22

22 Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.

This verse & this principal have proven itself to me multiple times in life. The issue that usually comes up is: “Am I willing to be humble enough to take the counsel that God is giving?”

I have also seen where somebody will get very godly counsel from another person, but for whatever reason, they don’t like the counsel they received so they go to somebody else until they hear what they want to hear. This does not lead to wisdom. In fact, this is the way of the fool.

My point is this:  Listen to the wisdom that God sends to you through the counsel that He has surrounded you with. Also, stay humble so you can receive the guidance that you need to avoid unforeseen casualties.

2.      Learn to keep your cool in every situation.

16 A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted.

If you are reading this, then you are probably reading this through our church website. That means that you are probably Internet savvy. I think that the Internet is a great tool for us to help get the gospel out to people. It is also a great tool to do the kind of things that we do in this Bible blog, but the Internet can also be a place where great strife & contention occur.

I can only imagine the number of times people have used Facebook & social media outlets to spread venomous lies about others. I cannot even begin to imagine the number of quarrels & fights that have started through these same outlets. It appears to me that some people thrive on the drama & chaos that is created through these avenues.

I have learned, by the wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit, to just keep silent when people are ranting & spouting out their ignorance. This is not always an easy thing to do but it what the wise have learned to do. Mature people have learned to hold their tongue. It is not a matter of being weak. It is not a matter of being a door mat. It is the fruit of the Spirit that is referred to as MEEKNESS.  The wise have found it, the fool needs to find it, & quickly.

3.      Tell the truth, ALWAYS!

17 An honest witness tells the truth; a false witness tells lies.

Truth is such a missing element in so many lives today. People have lost touch with what truth is. There is so much lie spreading today. That is what is at the root of gossip. It is the spirit of a “false witness bearing” that leads to all gossiping.

Wise people have learned the power of TRUTH. They have come to realize that TRUTH makes us free. On the same note, lies put us in bondage.

I don’t know about you, but I have made the decision to be a person of wisdom. I know that in order to do that, I am going to have to follow the principals set forth in the bible. Here is a great confession of faith to make today:

I chose today to walk in the way of wisdom. I will do my best, as the Holy Spirit enables me, to walk in the principals that He has given me. I will listen to the wisdom of others that He places in my life. I will make sure to hold my tongue when fools speak their foolishness. I will also let truth be the only thing that governs my life.


Pastor Richard Schlotter

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