Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8

today's reading: Matthew 26:1-25

Casting Call

We are now called to witness the single most significant production in all of history outside of the creation itself.

The cast of characters is being assembled  for us in our scripture reading today.

Some characters, we have travelled with throughout the dusty desert observing miracles of love and healing; miracles of rescue and salvation. We have listened with them to the wonderful stories that Jesus told to reveal Himself and His Divine nature.

Some, we have met in synogogues and have become accustomed to their pride and their not- so- hidden- agendas. Their fear-driven malicious attitudes, we have come to expect.

And some, whose names are etched deeply as a scar across the pages of history, we meet today for the first time. You will remember them well, as they are the supporting characters for this historical production.

Let's move slowly though the upcoming pages of scripture.

I would recommend that, if you can physically do it, you should read these passages on your knees, in humble honor to the One whose sacrifice has forever changed death.

Surrender to the emotion you will no doubt feel as we wind our way through the crooked , crowded streets of Jerusalem to the CROSS.

You are now called to be part of the story. You are cast in a life changing part.... as yourself.





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