Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6

today's reading: Matthew 25:1-30


A very important aspect of our faith-walk is revealed to us in today's reading in Matthew 25.

Often we like to think that we can just "accept" Jesus as our Savior... end of story... go about our life....being saved.

The Christian life is so much more than simply BEING saved, as glorious as that is!
The Christian life is a LIFE FULL OF OPPORTUNITIES!

Eternal life is a wonderful matchless gift, that is for sure. And we do not have to do anything to "make it happen" beyond simply receiving it.

God offers the gift. We unwrap it... receive it... and it is ours!

But what happens in a life between the opening of that gift and the last earthly breath? That is where what we do DOES MATTER!

Will you serve God with your fingers crossed and your head turned away from Him, hoping He won't see your doubt and fear?

The Parable of the Talents causes me to reflect deeply on who God is and on who I am to Him.

Ask yourself, "What does this mean in my life?"

God gives us great treasure in His Word and unlocks the door for more and more as we grow in Him.
He wants me to ________________.
G  R  O   W

Many times in the New Testament the Lord takes the time to tell us that we need to stay connected to Him in order to grow and to produce "fruit".
When the Lord speas about a subjest many times it surely must be of vital importance to Him.
I urge you to meditate on today's scripture and to look up other scripture from your concordance under the word "grow".
The Lord has planted a seed in your heart! The great expectation is that it will grow! Be everything He planned for you to be. Do all that He has set you apart for!


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