Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 24

today's reading: Matthew 15:29 thru 16:12


Do you know people with physical illnesses or limitations, spiritual blindness, emotional pain or struggle? 
Most of us know many who fall into one or more of these categories, don't we? 
The difficulties of life come to us all at one time or another.
How can you be ready to face hard times?

What can you to do prepare yourself and to help others also? 
The formula is and easy one to follow; read, pray, listen. 
If we can set aside time every day to meet with the Lord, He himself will prepare us for those challenging times. 
Jesus would have us bring the lame, the blind , the emotionally or spiritually crippled, to his attention.
So make your prayer list today. 
Establish a habit of meeting with Him in your own special place.

Then "read, pray and listen".

As you spend those moments listening carefully to his teaching, you will be equipped to discern false teaching; which is any teaching that takes a truth and makes it into something that God did not intend it to be. 

So read your bible everyday.

     Invest time in prayer, bringing all of your requests to Jesus.

           And keep WILL hear Him teaching and guiding you!

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